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Berita Internasional dari Best Practice™ Bracing

29th of October 2014 Kuliah Terbuka di German Orthopedic conference (DKOU), Berlin Tersedia subtitle Bahasa Inggris (dapat diterjemahkan ke Bahasa Indonesia)

Diskussion: Tersedia subtitle Bahasa Inggris (dapat diterjemahkan ke Bahasa Indonesia)

07th of November 2014, The first 5 Gensingen braces made in China are checked at the National Research Center for Rehabilitation Technical Aids, Beijing, China

11th of November 2014 The first brace was ordered for the Ukrainian / Russian Market.

Maksym Borysov (left together with Dr. Weiss and Dr. Moramarco in St. Petersburg at the People and Health conference)

Dr. Budi S Widjaja, MD with Dr. Hans

Books By Hans-Rudolf Weiss, MD

I Have Scoliosis

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Schroth Therapy

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Video Yang Menjelaskan Tentang

Cara Mengobati Skoliosis


Spesialis Pemasangan Gensingen Brace®  berdasarkan Scoliologic® standar Best Practice™

Hans-Rudolf Weiss, MD

(Germany); Orthopedic Surgeon, Physical & Rehabilitative Medicine, Chiropractics; Senior Board Member. Senior instructor ScoliCAD® bracing system.

(Physical Rehabilitation & Bracing), Orthopedic Surgeon, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Chiropractor, Registered Schroth Best Practice Therapist, Orthopedic Rehabilitation Services, Gensingen, Germany, www.scoliosis-dr-weiss.com

Maksym Borysov

(Ukraine); Physical Therapist, Orthotist, Schroth Therapist, Schroth Best Practice Therapist. Senior instructor ScoliCAD® bracing system.

(Physical Rehabilitation & Bracing), Rehabilitation Specialist, Registered Schroth Best Practice Therapist, Orthotist, Physiotherapist, Orthopedic Rehabilitation Services, Kharkov, Ukraine

Dr. Budi S Widjaja, MD

Spine Clinic Family Holistic (Jakarta, Indonesia)

Schroth Best Practice Terapist, Best Practice Bracing Center
Clinic Address: Jl. Daan Mogot 176A, Jakarta Barat, DKI Jakarta – Indonesia 11520

Marc Moramarco, DC

(USA); Chiropractor, Schroth Therapist, Schroth Best Practice Therapist and advanced instructor.

(Physical Rehabilitation & Bracing), Chiropractor, Spinal Deformities Rehabilitation, Registered Schroth Best Practice Therapist, Scoliosis 3DC, Woburn (Boston), MA, USA, http://scoliosis3dc.com

Nan Xiaofeng

Spinal Orthopedic Workshop (China)

(Physical Rehabilitation & Bracing), Orthotist, Registered Schroth Best Practice Therapist, Nan Xiaofeng’s Spinal Orthopedic Workshop, http://www.haozhiju.com Room 806, unit 2, on the 15th floor of the trade square in, Beilin district of Xi ‘an Shaanxi

Sang Gil Lee, M.Sc.

Health Management (South Korea) Completion of Ph.D course & Professor

(Physical Rehabilitation & Bracing), Sports Therapist, Registered Schroth Best Practice Therapist and advanced instructor,
902, Yabesvalley Bldg 9F, 192, Seohyeon-ro, Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea

Nico Tournavitis

(Greece) CEO, Representative for Quality Management, Scoliosis Best Practice Rehab Services

(Physical Rehabilitation & Bracing),
Conservative Treatment Center For Spinal Deformities Aristotelous 5, GR 54624, Thessaloniki, Greecei

Yosuke Shiraishi, PhD

(Japan) Schroth Best Practice Therapist

(Physical Rehabilitation & Bracing),
Official Schroth Best Practice basic Instructor (SBP Japan)
4-8-27-2F Kojimachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan


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